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Best Supplier Award from Robert Bosch


On November 12th, the Bosch worldwide purchasing organization delivered the North America Regional Supplier Award for years 2016 and 2017 to its most outstanding suppliers. Bosch is the largest automotive supplier in the world. With more than 7,200 suppliers in North America, Century Mold was recognized as one of its best suppliers.

The awards were presented by the panel of Bosch executives made up by Stephan Boehm, Vice-President Corporate Purchasing and Logistics; René Schlegel, President of Bosch Mexico and Board Member of Robert Bosch LLC (RBUS) together with executives of Bosch North America, who, besides congratulating the winners, wished them success during 2019. "This is an award for ripeness that currently reflects the Bosch supply chain in this continent. We are proud to recognize teamwork and good relations with our allies," commented René Schlegel.

This event is held every two years to recognize the Best Region Suppliers, finalizing the delivery of awards to the outstanding suppliers worldwide the following year. "Bosch’s success in North America is based on competitiveness, high standards and innovative ideas. These qualities, we can only achieve by strong collaboration with our best performing suppliers in the region – our TOP partners.”, added Stephan Boehm, Vice-President of Corporate Purchasing and Logistics.




Century Mold, a leading North American injection molding company, has completed a significant expansion of its operations in Monroe, Ohio to accommodate its growing business needs.

Century Mold Hires Chad Terrill as the Monroe Ohio Plant Manager


Century Mold is pleased to announce that Chad Terrill will be joining the Century Mold team as the Monroe Ohio plant manager.